Mike Glick

In another lifetime, Mike Glick swapped first LP’s with Lucinda Williams, had Pete Seeger call him, “one of the best songwriters going,” and was mentioned as inspiration in the record notes for avant garde classical composer Frederic Rzewski’s award-winning piano composition “36 Variations on the The People United Will Never Be Defeated.” Then he all but disappeared from the musical map for more than 20 years….. 

Mike is a singer/songwriter/satirist who began solo with his first recording, City Dreams and then his group, Mike Glick & The New Song Project (aka The New Song Quintet). He’s toured and played in Greece, Portugal, Spain, India, Cuba, Bulgaria, Germany, the old USSR, Italy and elsewhere, and in many parts of the USA. Now for the last few years he’s been rebuilding his musical career, writing and performing, perhaps better than ever, with many new songs. Since being dragged kicking and screaming back to his musical career by his son Aleksi, a virtuoso guitarist, he has recorded three new CDs (to add to 5 recordings in his earlier musical life):  In These Times, Generations: Two for the Blues, and his latest which is being released in March 2020, Alternative Facts & Other White Lies.


Mike Glick has been a dedicated activist his whole life as well as a brilliant singer-songwriter who is at home with the countless styles of music that he grew up with in New York City! He has that rare gift of making you want to sing along the first time you hear his songs and then go home and STILL hear them. It was a special treat to be part of this new series of songs as his sideman. He and his son Aleksi both play so fluently it is easy to be part of their band. His songs and the way he sings them are built to last and he continues to inspire young singer-songwriters and listeners to LISTEN because he provides us with something to really LISTEN TO!!” - David Amram, composer and performer
Mike Glick is a singer/songwriter of wit and clever songs that get audiences humor up into the rafters. He has a way with lyrics and can twist and turn them on a dime to make some interesting, and in some quarters, controversial points.” - Rick Landers

— , Guitar International Magazine, May 2019

Mike Glick is a songwriter from another generation. If you don’t know what I mean by that, consider that Glick counted Pete Seeger as a friend, and wrote him a moving tribute when the folk legend died back in 2014. At this point in his life, Mike performs as Generations, a duo that features him and his son Aleksi Glick. Together they perform original and classical folk songs that follow in the footsteps of age-old American acoustic music.”

— Brooklyn Magazine, June 2016

In the music world there are showmen and there are craftsmen. A showman, even one with mediocre chops, knows how to hold an audience, give them their money's worth, and leave them wanting to come back for more. The craftsman, on the other hand, is technically skilled, a master of his or her craft, whether it is singing, playing an instrument or writing a song. If you can only be one, it is better to be a showman, because there are, unfortunately, too many technically skilled folks who just don't know how to put on a good show…. Mike is more than that, because he adds in two intangible, but very real elements: ggod taste and real compassion.” - Steve Suffet

— Peoples' Voice Cafe, New York City January 2018