Reviews and Mentions for Mike 

Brooklyn Magazine, June 2016, "Mike Glick is a songwriter from another generation. If you don’t know what I mean by that, consider that Glick counted Peter Seeger as a friend, and wrote him a moving tribute when the folk legend died back in 2014. At this point in his life, Mike performs as Generations, a duo that features him and his son Aleksi Glick. Together they perform original and classical folk songs that follow in the footsteps of age-old American acoustic music." 

Steve Suffet, Peoples' Voice Cafe, New York City, January 2018, "In the music world there are showmen and there are craftsmen. A showman, even one with mediocre chops, knows how to hold an audience, give them their money's worth, and leave them wanting to come back for more. The craftsman, on the other hand, is technically skilled, a master of his or her craft, whether it is singing, playing an instrument or writing a song. If you can only be one, it is better to be a showman, because there are, unfortunately, too many technically skilled folks who just don't know how to put on a good show. 

"Of course, it is best to be both a showman and a craftsman. One example that immediately comes to mind is Mike Glick, the singer, guitarist and songwriter from New York City's Upper West Side. But Mike is more than that, because to his showmanship and his craftsmanship he adds two intangible but very real elements: good taste and fierce compassion. Taken together, that is like hitting the Superfecta. The combination rarely comes in, but when it does the payoff – in this case the musical payoff – can be enormous." 

Barry Adelman, Co-Founder, December 2017, “I loved your set. Mike Glick,  in the tradition of Woody, Arlo and Pete, writes and sings songs of freedom to uplift and unite us. He carries the torch of freedom forward for all people; He is a 21st century troubadour." 

Some reviews from Mike’s earlier career: 

Robert Palmer, The New York Times, wrote about his concert at the Kitchen in Soho, saying that his music was, “More rousing and musically substantive than the music of city folksingers of previous generations.” 

About his work with his quintet, Newark Star Ledger, “(They) had the whole room shaking and clapping, rocking and dancing to their songs.” 

Avante newspaper, Lisbon, Portugal, “Poetic lyrics, rhythmic diversity, brilliant improvisation, and versatility distinguish this highly original group.” 

Pete Seeger called Mike “one of the best songwriters going.”

Mike Glick was composer, leader and founder of Mike Glick & The New Song Project and artistic director of The New Song Foundation, Inc.; guitarist, songwriter/composer and vocalist. In that capacity he led his ensemble and also performed solo in festivals and tours throughout the USA, France, Greece, Cuba, Bulgaria, Italy, India, Canada, Russia, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, Hungary and Germany. His compositions are on numerous recordings (four with the ensemble) on the Folkways/Smithsonian, Quadrangle and New Morning labels. You  can find some of his music on iTunes and in the Smithsonian/Folkways catalog. Two recordings are for children, and he also appears on several anthologies.

With his son he co-leads Generations: Mike & Aleksi Glick. They have released two recordings, In These Times, and their newest, Generations: Two for the Blues which came out in March 2016. You can also hear their music on their YouTube channel: 

Mike’s songs have been covered by other artists including Kim & Reggie Harris and Charlie King & Martha Leader. His concerts have been reviewed in many periodicals, including The New York Times, and Pete Seeger has called him “one of the best songwriters going now.” 

In addition to many concerts and workshops at colleges and universities, art centers and festivals, public and private schools, Mike has worked with many communities that have limited access to live music. This includes programs with psychiatric populations, poor urban and rural communities, the developmentally disabled, people with physical disabilities, and children and young adults considered “at risk.” 

Mike career began years ago with his LP, City Dreams. Five others have followed. He's toured Greece, Portugal, Spain, India, Cuba, Bulgaria, Germany, the old USSR, Italy, elsewhere, and the USA. Semi-retired over 20 years, Mike is excited to be back playing in front of live audiences – with his son Aleksi, in their group Mike & Aleksi Glick Generations, and with other musicians and solo, too. Robert Palmer, The New York Times, wrote about his concert at the Kitchen in Soho, saying that his music was, “More rousing and musically substantive than the music of city folksingers of previous generations.” Pete Seeger called Mike “one of the best songwriters going.” Since returning to live performances, Since Mike’s songs have won awards, including: Katrina Blues, Finalist, Vocal Jazz/Blues category, 32nd MASC awards, Jan. 2016; Hallway of My Heart, Shortlisted, Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition, Oct. 2016; Black Gold, Finalist, Peoples Music Network NERFA Song of the Month.