Alternative Facts & Other White Lies


Mike Glick’s “Alternative Facts & Other White Lies”
Official Release Date: June 1, 2020
Artist: Mike Glick with Generations
Label: self-published, Generations Music
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There is no explicit language on this CD

“Alternative Facts & Other White Lies” is a concept album that places the current mass movements, including the fight for US democracy and against authoritarianism and for Black Lives (and other people of color), in a historical context.

It begins with a tribute for our musical and other ancestors (Fellow Travelers) then opens its arms to immigrants, especially those stranded and waiting at our borders (Come By Here, with David Amram).

More cuts listed below.

There fifteen different cuts, 14 songs (Let’s Build A Wall Around Jesus has a studio and bonus track live version of the song).

Mike says: “When this CD was finished I realized that it was inspired by the struggles and lives of our musical and other ancestors. They fought racism, anti-communism, blacklisting, and more. Yet they still lived with great joy. And Pete, Leadbelly, Aunt Molly, Woody and others had their ancestors too. People like Joe Hill, and just everyday folks trying to live their brief time on this earth with dignity.

“My own father spent time in jail, his head bloody, the night my mother gave birth to my older brother. These people felt the same outrage that we feel today. They also had their low points, but were never defeated. I hope that you will enjoy these few songs. That you will use them and feel their anger, their love and pride, their joy and dreams, their humor – and their faith in humanity.”

Also appearing on this CD: David Amram, Cole Quest Rotante, Rave Tesar (of Renaissance), Matheus Verardino, Mike Mulhollan, Si Kahn and others.


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